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₹ 45,000 (18% GST included)

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  • Everything in Mentorship Foundation, Mentorship Trade and Mentorship Invest.
  • Access to ‘MTChat’ which is an in-built chat platform via which you’ll be able to interact with other community traders. MTChat can be accessed from both the website and mobile app. an online live interaction once a week on Fridays from 9-10pm.
  • Whenever you have a doubt, you have 3 options- drop in your question on the ‘Discussion Board’ and it’ll be answered, interact during Mentorship Meets and/or ask your question on MTChat.
  • This access to videos, Mentorship Meets, Discussion Board and MTChat will be with you for a period of one calendar year post which you can renew your subscription for another year for Rs. 9,000 (taxes included).
  • Language of Content: English or Hindi